When you or your loved one needs to apply for Medicaid benefits, most people do not realize that they should have their Elder Law Attorney present. Having the assistance of your Elder Law Attorney allows you to have someone there to help you navigate the difficult forms, and create the right strategy to provide the most long term care benefits. The application process can be a tedious one, where legal jargon and medical terms muck up already difficult to read information. With your elder law attorney present, you can cut through the morass, and navigate the admissions process more easily.

Customized Strategies

Every client is different, and requires a specific Medicaid plan. By working with your elder law attorney, it can be easier to customize your plan, and create a strategy that meets your needs the most. Medicaid is not something that should be cookie-cutter for everyone. Everyone’s situation is unique, and creating a Medicaid plan to suit your specific needs can be difficult without the assistance of your attorney.

Protecting Your Assets

Your elder law attorney will know what you can protect under Medicaid, and what assets will need to be transferred. By working with your attorney, you will be able to keep as much of your assets a you can, while still qualifying for more of the benefits.

Consultations With Armstrong & Lamberti, PLLC

Our experienced staff will provide you with current and accurate data regarding allowable income and possible resource levels under the existing Medicaid laws and regulations. We will work with you to guide you step-by-step through the complex Medicaid application process. Our goal is the same as yours; achieving maximum long term care benefits for you. Call for a free consultation with one of our Medicaid planning lawyer.

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