What Does Power of Attorney Really Mean?

Most people have heard of the term “Power of Attorney” used in courtroom dramas, but aren’t fully aware of what the phrase means. Power of Attorney is a legal device used to grant and recognize the authority of another individual in the stead of another. What is a Power of Attorney Used For? The Agent, [...]

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What is Surrogate’s Court?

Surrogate's Court is a special type of court where proceedings are focused around the estate of a deceased individual. It is up to the Surrogate's Court to ensure that the deceased’s creditors are paid and that the remainder of the individual’s estate is distributed either pursuant to the term of the deceased party's Last Will [...]

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Why Shoudn’t I Make a Will Online?

In today’s modern world, we rely on the internet for many tasks. Banking, shopping, ordering pizza and more can be achieved online. Some people also turn to the internet for more serious things, like creating a Will. This may not be a good idea because most online Will services do not take into account changes [...]

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The Impact of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is a serious issue affecting about 1 in every 10 senior citizens in America, as stated by reported cases. The toll that elder abuse can take on a senior can be devastating. The impact of the abuse can be felt physically, emotionally, psychologically, and financially. It can also be difficult for a senior [...]

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It’s Never Too Early to Have an Estate Plan

To many millennials, an estate plan may seem like something far off. But in fact, it can always be helpful to have an estate plan. Any asset you have, from bank accounts to heirlooms can be accounted for within a Will. Guardianship wishes for your minor children should be documented. Regardless of financial, marital or [...]

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Marrying as a Senior Citizen

Marrying in the golden years of your life can create complicated situations with your estate plan, long-term care, and insurance policies. It is important to be aware of these complications before you decide to marry someone in your later years. Estate Planning When you marry someone, your estate plans can change. Even if you want [...]

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Challenging Nursing Home Evictions

Nursing homes evictions seem like they should be rare, but in fact they are on the rise. It is tragic that nursing homes are kicking our loved ones to the curb, but unfortunately this is becoming more common. Some of these evictions may be wrongful or out of the control of the elderly residents. Evicted [...]

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Funeral Preplanning

We plan out every major economic decision in our lives - a new house, a new car, a vacation - but what about our deaths? Planning out your estate is vital to the proper distribution of your livelihood; but planning out your funeral wishes can also be important. Preplanning helps your family avoid confusion and [...]

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