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Marrying as a Senior Citizen

Marrying in the golden years of your life can create complicated situations with your estate plan, long-term care, and insurance policies. It is important to be aware of these complications before you decide to marry someone in your later years. Estate Planning When you marry someone, your estate plans can change. Even if you want [...]

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Challenging Nursing Home Evictions

Nursing homes evictions seem like they should be rare, but in fact they are on the rise. It is tragic that nursing homes are kicking our loved ones to the curb, but unfortunately this is becoming more common. Some of these evictions may be wrongful or out of the control of the elderly residents. Evicted [...]

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Funeral Preplanning

We plan out every major economic decision in our lives - a new house, a new car, a vacation - but what about our deaths? Planning out your estate is vital to the proper distribution of your livelihood; but planning out your funeral wishes can also be important. Preplanning helps your family avoid confusion and [...]

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Special Needs Trust Fairness Act

The Special Needs Trust Fairness Act is part of a new set of laws produced by Congress. This new Act provides adults with special needs the opportunity to establish a Special Needs Trust autonomously. In the past, those who wanted to establish one for themselves needed to go through a parent or grandparent. If they [...]

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Guardianship of a Parent With Dementia

Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and more can lead to dementia in elders. If your parent or loved one is suffering from a dementia-causing illness, there are a few steps that you should take in order to protect their rights and assets before signs of dementia begin to become. Guardianship and Power of Attorney During the early [...]

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Closing Bank Accounts Upon Death

When death occurs in the family, there are a lot of moving parts and important paperwork to keep track of. It is important to make sure that the monetary assets in your bank accounts are taken care of, to make it easier for your beneficiaries. Knowing what you need to prepare for each account type [...]

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Do You Need to Change Your Estate Plan

Our lives are constantly changing. Whether minor or major, these changes can have an impact on your plans for the future, including your estate. Deaths, natural disasters, marriage, births, divorce, job loss, property damage, property sales and more can affect your estate holdings and to whom you plan to distribute your estate upon death. It [...]

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What Happens if You Die Without a Will

If you die before you have the chance to create a will, then your entire estate and all of your assets will enter intestacy. Intestacy is a legal process to which all of your assets are evaluated and distributed to next of kin as determined by the state. Intestacy law follows a specific path of [...]

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The 5 Types of Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse is a very serious issue, and one that effects 4.3 million elders every year. That means that about 1 in 10 of the country’s senior citizens. Elder Abuse can come from nursing home attendants, home aids, or even family members. Abuse of the elderly can affect both men and women, almost equally. There [...]

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Passing On Your Digital Assets

In today’s day and age, so much of what we do is online. More and more of what we do is paperless. We do our taxes online, have private files on our computers, and have passwords to secure our accounts. When you die, who will gain access to these files, and what do you want [...]

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