What Does Power of Attorney Really Mean?

Most people have heard of the term “Power of Attorney” used in courtroom dramas, but aren’t fully aware of what the phrase means. Power of Attorney is a legal device used to grant and recognize the authority of another individual in the stead of another. What is a Power of Attorney Used For? The Agent, [...]

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What is the Authority of a Guardian?

You may know that “legal guardian” is a phrase can be applied to a parent for their child, but it can also be applied towards an elderly or disabled person. Guardianship is a court appointment of a guardian to manage the personal and/or financial affairs of a person who cannot manage for him or herself [...]

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What is Surrogate’s Court?

Surrogate's Court is a special type of court where proceedings are focused around the estate of a deceased individual. It is up to the Surrogate's Court to ensure that the deceased’s creditors are paid and that the remainder of the individual’s estate is distributed either pursuant to the term of the deceased party's Last Will [...]

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Common Signs of Elder Abuse

Millions of elderly people in the United States are subjected to Elder Abuse each year. Whether such abuse occurs in their own homes, assisted living facilities or nursing home facilities, it is important to be able to identify signs of abuse that your loved one might be exhibiting. Identifying potential signs of abuse can help [...]

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What is an Incentive Trust?

Many movies show a character trying to receive a trust or an inheritance by achieving a specific goal set by the deceased. In movies it is often to get married or finish college. Trusts like these are actually real and not just something Hollywood came up with. In reality, you can set Incentive Trusts for [...]

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Why You Need a Will as a Parent

Some people think it is morbid to write up a Will; however, it is too important to avoid having one, especially if you are a parent. You should update your Will after major life changes such as marriage or the birth of a child. As a parent, a Will is the best way to ensure [...]

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Living Wills and Hospitals

Living Wills are supposed to protect our wishes in the event that you are unable to respond or react in a health emergency. Unfortunately, that may not be enough in an ER situation, if the nurses and doctors are unaware of the laws. When is a Living Will in Effect? A Living Will is a [...]

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