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Category Archives: Guardianship

Dealing with Asset Transfers

By: Anthony J. Lamberti, Esq., Chairman, Elder Law Committee The gravamen of this article is how to assess gifts made by an individual who must now apply Medicaid due to a nursing home admission.                The usual scenario is that the applicant has transferred or gifted a significant sum of money to help a family,… Read More »

Current Events in Elder Law

By: Anthony J. Lamberti, Esq., Chairman, Elder Law Committee                  I’ve written previously about the legal basis for a nursing home to seek payment for services from residents of a skilled nursing facility or other responsible parties.                There are countless cases involving nursing homes petitioning for an Article 81 Guardian that would have… Read More »

Liability for the Cost of Nursing Home Care

By: Anthony J. Lamberti, Esq., Chairman, Elder Law Committee INTRODUCTION                 The issue of liability for the cost of care at Nursing Homes on its surface does not seem to be very complicated but various factual circumstances that occur in these cases can add to the complications.                The case usually starts with a call… Read More »

Does Your Loved One Need a Guardianship?

Petitioning The NY Court For Guardianship Most people are able to manage their lives, jobs, relationships, and property. At times, however, either because of physical or cognitive impairment, or because of the debilitation of age, some are unable to manage. When this happens, the law provides a possible solution in the form of a guardianship…. Read More »